Introducing Amy

Get to know me, so I can get to know you...
Now I have your attention, I hope you will stay a little longer to peruse my online space in the hope that you may get to know a little more about me. I would love to give you a little taste of the person I am, beyond my well known physical attributes. I also know that there is no lack of stunning ladies online, so I thank you for coming to visit.

Going skin deep, you may have noticed I have a round bottom, tiny waist and perky, rounded and natural B cup breasts – all toned by a healthy active lifestyle of dance, sports and the great outdoors.
My legs are long, my lips are full, my eyes are soulful and smouldering, voice soft and feminine. My face is never shown, as I have a public career and prefer to be as discreet as possible.

I am a natural beauty and like to keep makeup to a minimum. Please do not take this the wrong way, as I am very modest, but I know you will not be disappointed when you see my face for the first time.

I take pride in my appearance, and always dress to the occasion as I am a lover of fashion and style. I will never look over the top, but more of an understated elegant look is what I usually go for.

Please know that discretion is of upmost importance to me.

When we are spending time together, you need to know that you’re getting the real me – whether it’s in an intimate encounter or I’m beside you at an exclusive social function.

Beneath my sophisticated image, I am very much your down to earth girl next door (sounds totally Cliche, but it’s true)

I swear. I laugh often and at very random thing’s, I am quirky, I love playful affection, hanging out in cool bars, trying new restaurants, art galleries, new experiences and meeting new people, as well as being a barefoot hippie, chilling in Nature. Often on the beach, topless.

I believe true connection is about being human, being real, and being genuinely interested in other people. I love connecting emotionally, sexually, mentally and spiritually.

I am passionate about many topics and nothing turns me on more than intelligent conversation, humour and wit.
(If you can interest and teach me something new, that would be a serious turn on. I love to learn about your world and I am genuinely interested).

Ask me about my ideal date, and it would be a memorable evening spent getting to know you, flirting outrageously and not wanting the night to end. I get sheer joy out of pampering, pleasuring and ensuring you have the most incredible experience possible. I yearn to be the ultimate girlfriend of your dreams. Sweet, kind, caring, genuine, but also a deeply erotic and sensual lover.

Who do I want to meet? I respect and admire successful, kind and fun gentlemen who know how to give and receive pleasure, who embrace the zest of life and can appreciate a similar fun-loving beautiful young woman. I love to be spoilt (what girl doesn’t?) and I would love nothing more than to pamper you in return, to match wits with you in an enthralling mix of intellectual, visual and sexual stimulation.

I have an active personal life and professional career, preferring to spend longer periods with a select few gentlemen. Inside and outside of the bedroom.

This is the true girlfriend experience that I offer. Make no mistake about it, I am the real deal.

There can be so many possibilities when we are together. As they say…treat yourself to fine companionship because you deserve it.

But guess what? Even more than that – I guarantee you will be hooked on having me around as a confidante and partner-in-crime. ;)

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